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We have vast experience in the Management of different types of Funds, always seeking to meet the expectations of our customers, acting with absolute diligence in offering the best solutions throughout the relationship chain.

There are more than 800 Funds Managed:
FIDC | FI | FIP | FIC FIDC | FII | Fiagro


We are leaders in Administration and Custody by number of operations since 2011, in the Uqbar Ranking!

The expertise in services for FIDCs allows our clients to manage their operational risks and improve their cost structures, resulting in increased added value of their services and growth opportunities for the business.

We are also proud to be the administrator of the first FIAGRO in Brazil, GCRA11 – Galápagos Receivíveis do Agronegócio.

Managed Funds
Billion under Management


Custody and Controllership of Funds

We offer specialized services for Investment Funds managed by Singulare. See the main activities we perform:

Fund Custody

– Safekeeping of the assets that make up the Funds’ portfolios

– Sending information from Investment Funds to Managers and administrators

– Physical and financial settlement of the Funds

Fund Controllership

– Asset and liability control processes

– Accounting procedures, in accordance with the legislation in force and the standards established by ANBIMA and other Regulatory Bodies

– Reception, analysis and validation of documents that show the backing of credit rights, in accordance with the eligibility criteria established by the fund’s regulations

– Control of shareholders, investments and redemptions, pricing of assets, calculation of shares and calculation of profitability



We are responsible for the registration and suitability process of the shareholders of the Funds managed by Singulare and offered by its Managers.

We provide a channel where Shareholders can access their statement whenever they want.

Singulare CTVM S.A., as a distributor of investment funds, may receive remuneration based on the investments made by its clients. This remuneration may be differentiated depending on the investment fund that receives the investment. Singulare’s remuneration, as a distributor, does not affect the fund’s profitability, as it is derived from a portion of the management fee already stipulated in the fund’s regulations. See Distributor Remuneration Transparency Policy.

Please read the Prospect, Supplemental Information Form, Essential Information Sheet and Regulation before investing. This Institution adheres to the ANBIMA Code of Regulation and Best Practices for the Activity of Distribution of Investment Products in Retail.